2000-11-06 22:52:27

by Pavel B Dudkin

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Subject: cramfs 2.2.x back-port

Hello everybody,

I am fairly new to the kernel programming, in fact it's my first attemt
at it. As an exercise I was trying to back-port cramfs code to the 2.2.x
kernel, and I seem to have succeeded! The only thing still not working
are symlinks. There are 2 routines in the code, cramfs_readlink() and
cramfs_follow_link() which both use new (2.3.x) function
get_cache_page(), which I don't know how to substitute in 2.2.x. If you
guys know this better than I do, I'd be very grateful if you helped me
out. There may be not much reason in back-porting, but I like 2.2.x and
the only feature from 2.4.x I needed was cramfs.

My cramfs 2.2.x patch follows. It is based on 2.3.40 cramfs code. Please
if you answer to this post, CC: me directly, I am not subscribed.

cramfs-2.2.x-patch.diff.gz (46.04 kB)