1999-11-09 11:46:59

by Sven Niedner

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Subject: ANNOUNCE: Studying the Linux process (psychologically)

Hi Net,

we are planning a questionnaire study on the Linux
development process and therefore need your input.

The goals of our study are:

* to understand the motivations of Linux developers

* to analyze how cooperation in a successful Open Source
project works

* to make these working principles explicit so that they can be
further discused, optimized, and perhaps also transfered to
other Open Source projects

* to provide a solid statistical base for theories of e.g. ESR

The study itself will follow Open Source principles. This means
that all information and data of our study will be publicly
available at the project's homepage:


(There is also more information about our project.)

Moreover, the development of the questionnaire itself will
follow Open Source principles in order to better integrate
the various experiences of Linux developers. Therefore, we
are anxious to learn more about your thoughts and ideas which
processes, principles, or motivations you think are necessary
to enable successful software development in the Linux community.

Since such a discussion is off-topic on linux-kernel, we invite
interested developers to join our mailing list:

[email protected]

To subscribe to the linux-study mailing list, send a mail
containing "subscribe linux-study" (without quotes) to
[email protected] .

Looking forward to your ideas and comments,

Sven Niedner Stefanie Hermann Guido Hertel

Sven Niedner, Institut f?r Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik
Physics of Toroidal Plasmas,
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