1999-11-10 08:18:03

by Matt Robinson

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Subject: Linux Kernel Crash Dumps (version 1.0.1) Available

Thanks for the announcement. :) The 1.0.1 source code is now available,
and a 1.0.2 version to correct a very minor bug in the librl code will
be available tomorrow. If you have questions about the product, please


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No subject line required. Thanks, enjoy, and please send lots of
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On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Jeff Garzik wrote:
|>The Linux Kernel Crash Dump project is designed to meet the needs of
|>customers wanting a more reliable method of examining system failures
|>after the machine recovers. This project contains kernel and user level
|>code designed to:
|>* Save the kernel memory image when the system dies due to a software
|>* Recover the kernel memory image when the system is rebooted;
|>* Analyze the memory image to determine what happened when the failure
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