2000-11-07 19:46:25

by Jes Sorensen

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Subject: Re: Fun with namespaces

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Hohensee <[email protected]> writes:

Rick> cLIeNUX Core 1.4 visible dirs in / are all now symlinks. The
Rick> only standard name is /dev. This means if you unpack cLIeNUX
Rick> core on a clean ext2 partition, then install, say, SuSE over it,
Rick> you can boot either one. On the same partition. If you do
Rick> cLIeNUX first the SuSE dev's won't install. I guess. I did this
Rick> with an old SuSE. To boot cLIeNUX you init=/.sbi/init .

This is absolutely great for all three users of clienux. However you
missed an important point, linux-kernel is the Linux *kernel*
development mailing list not a distribution advertisement list. Could
you please move this noise to an appropriate place like
comp.os.linux.announce or .advocacy.