1999-11-26 00:58:20

by Wichert Akkerman

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Subject: strace 4.1 released

Strace 4.1 has been released!

The most important changes in this release since the 4.0 release
are added support for Linux/MIPS, updates to the network-code
and of course a number Linux syscalls added or improved.

Please read the global README and the README for your OS when you
compile strace!

For Linux there are now also a couple of kernel patches available at
the strace homepage that make strace usage a bit more pleasant.

If you have questions, remarks or patches you can send those to the
strace mailinglist. You can subscribe by sending an email with the subject
"subscribe" to [email protected]. You can post to the list by
sending mail to [email protected].

You can get strace at two locations:
* homepage at http://www.liacs.nl/~wichert/strace/
* CVS archive at :pserver:[email protected]:/cvs/strace,
password is empty