1999-12-16 06:18:01

by nathan.zook

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Subject: [HUMOR]: RE: Ok, making ready for pre-2.4 and code-freeze..

The neophyte stood in wide-eyed wonder, his jaw slack. He had heard of the
power of the Great Wizard, but had never seen it. Whereas before in the
magical kingdom, the mages and wizards had hissed forth curses against each
other, or hidden away in their towers so that none knew of their doings,
there was now assembling a magical army greater than any he had conceived.
Now every wizard and mage reported in the state of their latest
incantations, and the drone of their tidings almost matched that of the
banshees which had wailed before.

The neophyte gathered his wits enough to say to the Great Wizard "Where did
you learn this incantation, and why did you wait so to utter it? Your
kingom has suffered these months of stife. Why not utter it more often?"
For he knew that it must have been uttered in the past, and that surely it
would be uttered again.

The Great Wizard smiled slightly. For he knew that this was no ordinary
incantation. Powerful in its simplicity, it exhausted the mystic energies
in the kingdom. To utter it prematurely would wreck the incantations of
lesser mages--incantations he needed for this, his latest golem. The golem
would have to go into the world to and fight in battle mostly alone. Once
unleashed, he dared not aid it with powerful spells, lest the uncertain
engeries of battle cause the golem to collapse. Only minor spells and
cantrips could be added. So he had waited while all the mages prepared.
When the time was right, and ONLY when the time was right, might he utter
the Great Incantation and, summon all the energies in his kingdom, finish
this, his greatest golem.

The neophyte was not suprised that the Great Wizard had not answered. That
night, however, he wrote down the words, in code, as he was taught, lest he
unleash some fearful magic on himself. He had learned enough to discern
which words were essential to incantations, and which were ornamental. His
entry that night was two words: xlwv uivvav