1999-12-17 15:21:17

by Dan Kegel

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Subject: re: RasterMan on linux and threads

re http://kernelnotes.org/lnxlists/linux-kernel/lk_9912_03/msg00480.html

Rasterman is wrong in saying that all threads run on the same
processor, but everything else he says about threads is spot on:
unless you have a real good reason to create a thread, don't.
Ousterhout certainly agrees. See his slides on "Why threads are bad (usually)"
at http://www.scriptics.com/people/john.ousterhout/

Earlier in his news page, Raster says:
> The [imlib2] API changed a lot recently - it's now context based (you set
> the current context) and it uses that current context for almost all
> calls. It means many fewer parameters to many calls - but it also means
> Imlib2 is NOT thread-safe as the context is global. If anyone wants to
> work on making it thread safe - there's source code and send patches -
> but I don't see much value in it. Do all your graphics work in 1 thread.

Wow, deja vu. Right on the heels of Jim Gettys' post on the same subject,

Raster, you might want to read Jim's post. X calls use lots of context
parameters (like old imlib), OpenGL calls use none (like new imlib2), and
now they both wish they'd used a single one (i.e. an object oriented approach).

And you might want to modify your statement that threads always run on the same
- Dan

(The above is just my personal opinion; I don't speak for my employer,
except on the occasional talk show.)