2000-11-08 09:40:24

by Richard Henderson

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Subject: Re: PCI-PCI bridges mess in 2.4.x

[ For l-k, the issue is that pci-pci bridges and the devices behind
them are not initialized properly. There are a number of Alphas
whose built-in scsi controlers are behind such a bridge preventing
these machines from booting at all. Ivan provided an initial
patch to solve this issue. ]

I've not gotten a chance to try this on the rawhide yet,
but I did give it a whirl on my up1000, which does have
an agp bridge that acts like a pci bridge.

Notable changes from your patch:

* Use kmalloc, not vmalloc. (ouch!)
* Replace cropped found_vga detection code.
* Handle bridges with empty I/O (or MEM) ranges.
* Collect the proper width of the bus range.


y (2.61 kB)
diff vs bridges-2.4.0t10
bridges-2.4.0t11-rth.gz (7.34 kB)
diff vs test11-1
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