1999-12-31 04:42:15

by Alex Holden

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Subject: Announce: initrd-tftp 0.2

* Please CC: me in replies as I'm not on linux-kernel currently *

I've just finished implementing and testing gzipped image support for
initrd-tftp, as well as fixing a few bugs (including telling you nicely
when the image is too large for the ramdisk), and adding the capability to
specify what tftp server to use and file to download on the kernel command
line. It's even fairly well documented! ;)

You can download the patch (still against 2.2.13) from:
Please let me know of any problems you encounter.

The only things remaining to do are to clean a couple of things up to make
it play nicely in the case where you want to compile it in but not load an
initrd, and seperating the last of CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD out from
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD_TFTP (ie. you shouldn't need the old floppy disk
loader and memory area loader (where the boot loader loads the ramdisk
into a memory area for you) if you're getting the initrd via tftp).

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