2000-11-09 02:51:27

by Yann Dirson

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Subject: [2.2pre] crash after unloading agpgart and loading mga DRM module

I could reproduce this with 2.2.18pre17 + Andrea's VM-global patch (-7),
pre20 with and without the VM patch.

Mainboard is a FIC VA503+, video is a G200.

Better run this with everything mounted RO:

$ insmod agpgart
$ rmmod agpgart
$ insmod agpgart
$ insmod mga

And here we go...

I tested a combinations, and what appears trigger the bug is the unloading
of agpgart and the subsequent loading of mga.

[Data gathered with vanilla pre20 - config file attached]

While in single-user mode, all FS mounted RO.

2 OOPSes at same EIP (locks_remove_flock+0x0E) for init are on screen,
similar ones for bash occured just before, although the 1st one for bash is
partly offscreen and I can't scrollback.

OOPSes per process are:

* paging request at e850097c (EFLAGS=00010286)
* NULL pointer dereference at 00...0008 (EFLAGS=00010292 in this case)

Not sure I remember the correct order, though.

A couple of "hda lost interrupt" also appear from time to time. All of this
(OOPS+lost intr) do not appear at once, but usually all of them come after
waiting some time. At the very least I only had bash not giving me a prompt
any more after hitting RETURN.

Anyone seing this ?
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