2000-01-06 13:38:31

by jamal

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] SOFTNETing Network Drivers HOWTO

I have taken that distateful task avoided by most hackers --
something commonly reffered to in some circles as "documentation".
Attached is a HOWTO describing the changes required to softnet network
device drivers. I apologize for its size.

ANK has disinfected the document -- so you can bet that the accuracy of
its contents are not just based on Yoda's famous last advice to you all,
they constitute words from the horse's mouth as well;->

I'll maintain the document until Softnet becomes mainstream.

What is needed currently is a volunteer to put up this document on a fast
web site somewhere and provide a CGI interface where people can submit the
drivers they have tested. Some form of dbase to store the details of the
tested drivers is needed. Please send me email.

This is the first version; send me patches with corrections only -- flames
to my email address but mostly if they are not personal post on l-k and/or


softnet.drivers.HOWTO (11.74 kB)