2000-11-09 08:36:23

by Richard Polton

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Subject: 2.4.0-test10 problems


More testing and more problems 8-( Mind you, that is not to say that
things do not work wonderfully, because they do ;-)

With regard to point one yesterday about the warm reboot problem, it was

suggested that I toggle the PnP BIOS option and retry. Well, I did that
and indeed
there was a difference. Now the machine never (in my limited testing
anyway ;-)
hangs after printing 'Restarting system'. Now, instead, it always (same
hangs when trying to initialise the UHCI controller 8-(

(usb people can ignore the rest of this message)

Moving on (I have reported points four and six against previous 2.4.0
test versions
but had no response),

4. I rebuilt the kernel without IDE ATAPI CDROM but with IDE SCSI
echo scsi dump 0 > /proc/scsi/scsi causes an oops. I have not,
been successful in my attempts to feed the oops report into ksymoops
but I can
tell you that it is dereferencing a null pointer and killing the

5. Still with IDE SCSI emulation, I inserted a DVD into my (correctly
detected ATAPI DVD-ROM
drive) and tried to mount it as UDF. I saw loads of 'attempt to read
beyond end of device' messages.
Note, however, that I am not entirely convinced that this is a real
UDF disk, but how
can I tell? I can mount it as iso9660 with no problem.

6. Continuing with IDE SCSI emulation we move onto the parallel port
CDROM. With the
same commands as yesterday (modprobe friq ; modprobe pcd ; mount
/dev/pcd0 /mnt/cdrom )
I see a new message - Stuck DRQ and the disk is not mounted.
Additionally, this affects
the 'intelligent' eject button in the unit meaning that the only way
to extract the disk is
to switch off at the wall, then switch back on again and press

Attached are snippets from the syslog for items five and six.



kernlog_scsi_udf (6.04 kB)
kernlog_pcd_scsi (3.08 kB)
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