2000-01-24 05:13:55

by Dr Chris Richardson

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Subject: Re: knfsd and locking w/Solaris server doesn't work

Boris Tobotras wrote:

> Using fcntl(F_SETLK) fails with following kernel message:
> <Problems with Solaris>

I'm aware of problems with knfsd locking for Solaris, OSF/1 and Novell's
NFS for Netware. I've only got experience with the latter problem, and
heard about the others when I posted to linux-kernel. It seems to be a
buggy check for read access as "nobody" by knfsd during locking.
Unfortunately, I do not yet know enough about knfsd to suggest a patch
(although I'm trying to figure it out, because this is a fairly mission
critical bug for my setup). Since my original post about a week ago,
nobody has suggested any solutions.

Not much help, sorry.

Dr Chris Richardson - sysadmin, Structural Biology Section, icr.ac.uk