2000-11-09 22:38:49

by Jan Dvorak

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Subject: 2.4.0-test10 oops


attached oops came from writing to vfat fs.

Jan Dvorak <[email protected]>

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2000-11-12 03:31:36

by Ben Chu

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Subject: Re: 2.4.0-test10 oops

Jan Dvorak said:
> Hi,
> attached oops came from writing to vfat fs.

This problem was brought up a couple of times before as referenced
but I've never seen a solution as of yet.

In my own experiences, the bug didn't occur as frequently and
reproducably as it did when I moved to the 2.4.0-test series yet it
appears to be a long-standing issue.

I use Netscape Messenger to read my mail with the actual mail files
stored on a vfat partition. The problem seems to occur when
messages are copied to the vfat partition after being downloaded
from the mail server.

As noted in one of the above articles, it appears to be a
problem with the truncate function and Netscape uses this function
to use it to increase the size of its .summary files. My kernel is
OOPSing almost daily because of this problem.

I'm no kernel hacker so I'm hoping someone out there who is will
take notice of this problem. I've got the output of my own ksymoops
run from 2.4.0-test10 as well if anyone takes interest.

Ben Chu