2000-02-01 12:54:19

by slurn

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Subject: [PATCH] kdb v1.0 for 2.3.29

I've placed a pre-release of kdb v1.0 (restructured to support
additional architectures) for ia32 on



This release restructures the code a bit and adds breakpoint
instruction style (int 03) breakpoints. They don't completely
work yet at this time, so as a workaround, the 'bph' command
which uses the hardware debug registers should be used to
establish breakpoints.

There is some debug code present to save and display the contents of the
last branch register MSR on page-fault entry to the kernel.

A list of changes and features can be found on



I'll be in NYC for linuxworld expo this week, so I won't be able
to move this forward to 2.3.41 until next week.


scott lurndal