2000-11-13 18:35:01

by KELEMEN Peter

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Subject: [sparc32] 2.4.0-test11-pre2 does not boot

Hello there.

I keep trying to breath life to an old SPARCstation 10 here, no
luck yet. 2.4.0-test11-pre2 compiles without problems, but it
hangs at booting. Here's what the screen reads:

SILO boot: l240t11p2
PROMLIB: obio_ranges 5
bootmem_init: Scan sp_banks, init_bootmem(spfn[1d6],bpfn[1d6],mlpfn[c000])
free_bootmem: base[0] size[1000000]
free_bootmem: base[4000000] size[1000000]
free_bootmem: base[8000000] size[1000000]
reserve_bootmem: base[0] size[1d6000]
reserve_bootmem: base[1d6000] size[1800]
Booting Linux...
<-- here the screen flashes, and after
couple of seconds some kind of a
timeout occurs
Type help for more information

...and now I'm back at the PROM prompt.

Anyone caring to help?


PS: SuperSPARC-II processor and 64M memory, if that matters.

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