2000-03-25 15:23:44

by Martijn van Oosterhout

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Subject: [RFC] Packet-Shaping-HOWTO

Hello people,

Recently I've had occasion to try to make the QoS and queueing
code from the 2.2 kernel to work for me, but found the
documentation to be a bit technical and not really aimed for
users. So, I've summed up my experience with the packet
shaping and stuffed it all into a HOWTO.

However some of it is still guess work since there are some
concepts going on here that I still don't get. No matter,
I would just like people to read over it to see if I got
it right.

Note that this is specifically 2.2, I don't know if
2.[34] is the same.


Please CC any replies.
Martijn van Oosterhout <[email protected]>