2000-04-01 06:59:30

by Linus Torvalds

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Subject: Linux 2000(tm)(r)

Dear Linux Users,

I'm pleased to announce jointly with Microsoft(tm)(r) Corporation
release of Linux 2000 Professional Enterprise.

As you probably already know I'm busy with my family and I already
have full-time job with Transmeta. Thus, it has been necessary for me to
look for some responsible partner who would help me develop Linux.

After extensive search, I have decided upon Microsoft Corporation
which has been known on market for long time from their high quality

Thus the upcoming Linux 2.4.0 will become Linux 2000(tm)(r).

Pricing will be determined at later time. However, I would like to
take opportunity now to remind people who have unlicensed version of Linux
to delete it from hard disk and then wait until official release of Linux
2000(tm)(r) will become available.

Effective April 1st 2000, midnight, all older versions of Linux
are illegal under Digital Millennium Copyright Act.