2000-11-11 11:54:51

by Andrea Arcangeli

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Subject: Re: sendmail fails to deliver mail with attachments in /var/spool/mqueue

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 05:46:29PM -0800, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Yes, the documentation is broken. Linus did in fact implement this

Well, also the implementation could be improved IMHO, think when we have one
houndred of tasks sleeping in uninterruptible mode because the nfs server is
down for maintenance. They're no loading the machine at all for half an hour
even while the load is 100. For sure the fix is not to account only runnable
tasks though, since when the machine trashes into swap all tasks blocks and
they almost never runs but in such a case we must report that all tasks are
trying to make progress and that they're effectively loading the machine even
if they sleeps in uninterruptible mode all the time. I'd prefer a generic
approch but also a magic for some case like nfs server down could take care of