2000-04-03 23:31:41

by Andre Hedrick

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Subject: Re: Future Linux fun, PARTIES and BEER

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> > Andries,
> > Do you know about this?
> Yes, I know all about it. I just celebrated my birthday.

You forgot to invite me........ ;-)

> [Have here d1367r1.pdf. In principle this is something
> that does not concern us right now, but it may produce
> a lot of trouble later. Details will depend on the BIOS.]

That is only the "PARTIES", your forgot the "BEER".

"BEER" comes first at the end of disk. Only after the "BEER" is
located, can one access the "PARTIES". Since the "PARTIES" first entry
point is after the last sector of "BEER".

Don't forget to drop by EDD's place.

You know, Enhanced Disk Drive Services (EDD) [was EDD 3.0].

We have to look address EDD's requirements to be able to find the location
of "BEER" and handle the future "PARTIES". Of course, working to support
"EDD"'s "BEER" "PARTIES" in principle should prevent a drive crash........

The documents about which we spoke are at:

(Boot Engineering Extension Record - BEER)
ftp://fission.dt.wdc.com/x3t13/project/d1386r3.zip (or .pdf)
(BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services (EDD) [was EDD 3.0])
ftp://fission.dt.wdc.com/x3t13/project/d1367r1.zip (or .pdf)
(Protected Area Run Time Interface Extension Services - PARTIES)

The fun you can have with words and phrases........

Andre Hedrick
The Linux ATA/IDE guy