2000-11-11 23:14:40

by Andre Hedrick

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Subject: Linux, T13 NCITS Standards Committee (offline replies only)


Yesterday/Today is a sad day, Linux lost a friend.

The ATA/ATAPI T13 NCITS Standards Committee has lost our Chairman,
Gene Milligan of Seagate. He was also on the T13 SCSI committee also to
the time to address my concerns for changes to the standard as it relates
to Linux. He always allow Linux to issue a position after Microsoft
stated a point or took a position. As the Chair, he granted Linux, or me,
the right to vote early on non-ballot issues and instant ballot voting
rights at the second meeting Linux attended. Normally you have to attend
two and at the third it is automatically granted, or option of the chair
at the second meeting with paperwork filed.

I would ask that the Open Source Community send a note or card to his
widow via Seagate Corporation. I think it is important that we
acknowledge friends that the OSC/LKML did not know it had.
Please contact me or Gerry at Seagate offline to a mailing address.

I have lost a friend, thus Linux has also.


Andre Hedrick
CTO Timpanogas Research Group
EVP Linux Development, TRG
Linux ATA Development