2000-04-25 13:53:48

by Joerg Schilling

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>From [email protected] Tue Apr 25 15:35:31 2000

>>From [email protected] Mon Apr 24 20:13:35 2000
>>[1.] One line summary of the problem:
>>I receive errors while reading the last track of an audio cd with 2.3.X

>>[2.] Full description of the problem/report:
>>Following is the output from cdda2wav under 2.3.X kernels. This is a
>>continuing problem with 2.3.47 and later versions. This does not happen
>>with 2.2.14 and earlier. It always gets to 99 percent, then shows an
>>error. It happens on all audio CDs I've tested.

>>[root@wr5z rw1]# cdda2wav -B -D/dev/cdrom -Ocdr -t14 track14
>>cdrom device (/dev/cdrom) is not of type generic SCSI. Setting interface
>>to cooked_ioctl.

>Using the IOCTL is not a good idea. As it is non portable, it is not
>tested well.

>It also looks as if the kernel driver don't know as much as
>mkisofs about different drives.
Sorry, should read cdda2wav ;-)


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