2000-11-14 01:09:16

by Thomas Fuhrich

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Subject: Bug in vfat-module in all kernel versions 2.4.0-testx

There seems to be a bug in the vfat-module. When I mount my SCSI MO drive with a
512 bytes/block disk, everything works fine. If I do the same thing with a
disks with 2kB/block I can mount it and read the directory. Once I try to run a
programm from the disk or try to edit or copy a file in either direction, I run
into a segmention fault. Afterwards, the partition cannot be unmounted anymore.
(By the way, since the mtools don't need the kernel to read a disk, they work
fine on the very same disk.)
Hope that helps.

If more information is needed (which I do think is neccessary), please send me
an e-mail to

[email protected]