2000-11-14 02:00:38

by Corey Minyard

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Subject: Problem autonegotiation with tulip driver?

In the current version (and may previous versions) of the tulip driver
in media.c in the function tulip_select_media() with mleaf->type being
2 or 4, we have the following code:

if (p[1] & 0x40) { /* SIA (CSR13-15) setup values are provided. */
csr13val = setup[0];
csr14val = setup[1];
csr15dir = (setup[3]<<16) | setup[2];
csr15val = (setup[4]<<16) | setup[2];
outl(0, ioaddr + CSR13);
outl(csr14val, ioaddr + CSR14);
outl(csr15dir, ioaddr + CSR15); /* Direction */
outl(csr15val, ioaddr + CSR15); /* Data */
outl(csr13val, ioaddr + CSR13);
} else {
csr13val = 1;
csr14val = 0x0003FF7F;
csr15dir = (setup[0]<<16) | 0x0008;
csr15val = (setup[1]<<16) | 0x0008;

In the value underscored above, autonegotiation of the media is turned
off if the eeprom doesn't provide the CSR14 value. This doesn't seem
right (and doesn't work on our Ramix cards), it seems like you would
want to leave autonegotiation on here (the value would be 0x0003FFFF).
Without this, our Ramix cards will not autonegotiate. With the
change, they work great.