2000-11-14 12:05:48

by Samium Gromoff

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Subject: 2.4.0-test9/PPPD2.4.0-release

Maybe i`d better to post this problem to
linux-ppp ML, but i`ve reported already it to PPP
maintainers about half year ago, thus i felt ok to post
here. And so the problem:
I`m unable sometimes to get files thru HTTP, and
the way its happening is very strange for me:
it looks like the packets with file are on place,
but kernel rejects `em, fact of what is reflected
in significant growth of errors of PPP inteface
showed by ifconfig. I checked what error count
increase is contemporary with flashing lights on
my Sportster 14400 Vi. But thats half of the
problem, because this afaik is not a 100% error. It
wouldn`t have look that strange for me, if i had
that with different files. BUT for ex. i cant get
"http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-kernel%40vger.kernel.org/msg12187.html", and that happens with about 20% of
small files i retrieve thu web... =(. That problem
afaik doesnt extend to large files (e.g >10k)
Usually receive stalls on 1 or 2 kbytes.

Having 2.4.0-test9/pppd 2.4.0-release.
Encountering that ONLY on
2.4.0-testXX series, NOT in 2.2.XX (for ex.
2.2.17 goes well with that).
Again, 2.4.N with n<~7 were absolutely unworkable,
e.g. the procent of "rejected" small files lied
around 80%.

Sorry for ugly english/stupidness, i`m foreign