2000-11-14 19:55:53

by Michael H. Warfield

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Subject: Re: More modutils: It's probably worse.

Oh, I hate to add to a remark like that (OK, I lied, I love

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 11:20:35AM -0800, Ben Ford wrote:
> Olaf Kirch wrote:

> > sure request_module _does_not_ accept funky module names. Why allow
> > people to shoot themselves (and, by extension, all other Linux users
> > out there) in the foot?

> I thought that was the whole purpose of Unix/Linux?

True! Very true! Unix/Linux requires that the user shoot
themselves in the foot. Windows automates that process and does it
for the user, thus making foot shooting user friendly. :-)

> -b

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