2000-05-21 16:42:18

by Dave Jones

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Powertweak-Linux v0.1.15

Now available from http://linux.powertweak.com

v0.1.15 [Release 16. -- The 'Oops again' release ]

Making a release with a bad head-cold wasn't a good idea.
This release mostly fixes stuff that I screwed up on
last time..

More detailed changes this time include:
o The PCI tuning now works again.
- Added workaround for gcc bug.
- Fixed problem with tweaks that wanted bits
set to 0.
- Inconsistencies in VIA VP3 tweak definitions fixed.
o 'Kernel' & 'token-ring' /proc tuning options
[Alan Cox]
o CDROM tweaking now works.
o Annoying 'saving' debugging printf disabled.
o Added RPM specs.
[Ryan Weaver]
o autoconf/automake cleanups.
[Caolan McNamara, Arjan, myself]

Note, that with this release, you now NEED the following..
PCI Utilities (At least version 2.1.0)
LibXML (At least version 1.8.0)