2000-11-15 13:20:06

by Tigran Aivazian

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Subject: test11-pre5 _completely_ broken?

Hi guys,

The test11-pre5 seems to be unusable:

o starting up vim(1) takes many seconds instead of the usual <<1 second

o trying to strace vim takes even longer

o trying to ltrace vim panics the kernel but kdb is also unusable -- can't
decode stack traces etc. Perhaps I'll go back to non-kdb kernel and hope
to at least get a decent oops out of it (maybe Linus was right ;)

I will come back with more info. Oh btw, this is on a 4-way Xeon with 6G
RAM. But my desktop (2xPIII with 1G RAM) works with test11-pre5 just fine
for ages (since 1am last night), without any problem (of course vim starts
fast as it should).