2000-07-29 12:07:04

by sweh

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Subject: Re: RLIM_INFINITY inconsistency between archs

Khimenko Victor ([email protected]) wrote:

: And I find it ridiculous. Yes, for FILES I agree - it's place to install
: local files for system. But for directory stubs... Where the hell I must
: put local perl packages ? I prefer /usr/local/lib/perl for architecture
: specific-ones and /usr/local/share/perl . And I (as dstribuion creator)
: even can configure perl to use this directories. But I CAN NOT (according
: to FHS) create this directories. Gosh. So now I need to GUEES where I can

This is an old question and was hashed out many times on the original
FSSTND list (yikes, back in the early 90's!). If you are creating a general
purpose distribution, then these files are _not_ local to anything, so
/usr/local is trivially the wrong place. If you are creating a distribution
local to your company, then feel free to use /usr/local. If you are
automating an install for your environment, then feel free to use /usr/local.

Any distribution that uses /usr/local for general distribution is not FSSTND
(sorry, FHS) compliant.

It's very simple, really.

: Your packager should handle this. If it's not part of OS then it should be
: installed in /opt - this part of FHS looks Ok.

And this had the most arguments of all :-) Probably 60% of all traffic
was about this :-)
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