2000-11-16 23:47:38

by Dunlap, Randy

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Subject: RE: "SubmittingPatches" text

Hi Jeff,

I compared my personal hints list to yours.
Yours is much more complete and better.

Here are a few comments for you to consider (below).

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> 4) Select e-mail destination.

However, your patch(es) must be sent directly to Linus or to
other maintainers to send to Linus. He doesn't troll linux-kernel
or other mailing lists looking for patches.

> 8) Name your kernel version.
> It is important to note, either in the subject line or in the patch
> description, the kernel version to which this patch applies.

However, your patch should apply cleanly (no failures, little
to no fuzz) to the latest kernel version.

> 9) Don't get discouraged. Re-submit.
> It is quite common for Linus to "drop" your patch without comment.
> That's the nature of the system. If he drops your patch, it could be
> due to
> * A style issue (see section 2),
> * An e-mail formatting issue (re-read this section)
> * A technical problem with your change
> * He gets tons of e-mail, and yours got lost in the shuffle
> * You are being annoying (See Figure 1)

+ * Your patch fails to apply or has (too much) fuzz.