2000-11-17 08:48:51

by Sebastien.Rigaud

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Subject: "unable to handle paging request..."

I found that it's possible to submit you error messages and ask for help...
I've installed Red Hat 6.2 on an AMD300, without problem. Everything
works fine (Oracle server, Java developments...), but EVERY TIME I
shut my machine down, I always get the following message, just after
the line "stopping all md devices":

^ [<c0150c0f>] [<c0111212>] [<c01100dd>] [<..>]
^ ...
^ Code: <1>Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
^ Current->tss.cr3 = 069c0000, %cr3 = 069c0000
^ *pde = 00000000
^ Oops: 0000
^ CPU: 0
^ EIP: 0010:[<c010a481>]
^ EFLAGS: 00010046
^ eax: 00000000 ebx: ... ecx: .. edx: ..
^ esi: .. edi: ... ebp: .. esp: ..
^ ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
^ Process halt (pid: 1019, process nr: 18, stack page = c6507000)
^ Stacks fee1dead ....
^ ...
^ Call Trace: [<c..>] ..
^ Code: 8a 04 0b 89 44 ..

Most of the figures & hex addresses are the same each time the error occurs
(in particular the "virtual address" 0000872f). Then if I do a
Ctrl-Alt-Delete I see
the message "stopping all md devices" again and my PC eventually reboots...
If I do not Ctrl-Alt-Del, it stays stalled.

This looks like something very low-level, and it's much too involved to me:
you please help me perhaps ?? Is it a hardware pb ? Or is the kernel
instable ?...

Thanks a lot !!
Best regards,

2000-11-17 08:58:34

by aprasad

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Subject: Re: "unable to handle paging request..."

but EVERY TIME shut my machine down, I always get the following message,
just after
>the line "stopping all md devices":
I also used to get the same messages on my celeron machine, but after i
disabled the support of RAID in kernel, it started working nicely.
I don't know the reason.