2000-11-17 11:44:50

by Vasil Kolev

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Subject: __alloc_pages: 2-order allocation failed.

This error ( $subj) started appearing today on my machine when I started
experimenting with ircd. I wrote small program that makes many connections
to the server,to see how much it can support. I increased the maximum
number of file descriptors, and after 520 connectons, syslogd printed sth.
about too many orphaned sockets... I then checked the source, saw that
this is because the lower value in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_mem, and
increased it 4 times... it then ran with 720 connectons and all the tcp
stopped working, and started printing $subj... I increased the values 4
more times, and it ran to 824 connections. I'm using linux-2.4.0test10, on
Celeron/300 with 192 MB ram. Suggestions?