2000-11-19 03:51:09

by CaT

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Subject: 2.4.0test11pre7 and synaptics touchpad

In an attempt to see how 2.4.0 would go with my notebook I grabbed
the latest and compiled it. It booted fine but my touchpad wouldn't
work properly. It was highly unresponsive... as if it was missing
movements alot. It'd move at one time and at another it would not.
It was very unusable.

I had input core support compiled in and non-serial/bus mouse support
aswell. Was there anything else I should've compiled in? Did I miss

I was using gpm 1.19.3 with it with synps2 mouse driver. I just looked
in the logfiles and couldn't see anything that screamed out at me.
Anything specific I should look for? I'm currently back in 2.2.18pre21
where the touchpad works really well.

CaT ([email protected])

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