2000-11-19 04:28:44

by Roland Bauerschmidt

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Subject: trouble with OPL3-SAx soundchip


I am having trouble with the soundcard of my Thinkpad i1400, which has the
following soundchip:

roland@minnesota:~% cat /proc/isapnp | grep '^Card 1'
Card 1 'YMH0800:YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Audio System' PnP version 1.0

If have used both 2.2.17 with ALSA and 2.4.0-test11-pre7 with the OSS
module, both with the opl3sa2 modules. The problems I encounter are pretty
weird, and my only guess would be that there is something wrong in the
kernel drivers.

Using 2.2.17 and ALSA:
I can play MP3 files with mp3blaster or alsaplayer-oss without any problems.
If I use alsaplayer-alsa or xmms (both alsa and oss plugin), the notebook
freezes after playing round about 4 seconds. I just modprobed the
snd-card-opl3sa2 and snd-pcm-oss.

Using 2.4.0-test11-pre7:
I can load the modules successfully. Playing anything longer than a few
seconds, with any player, freezes the box. I loaded the modules with the
following parameters: irq=11 dma=0 dma2=3 io=0x220 mss_io=0x530

I don't think that it is hardware problem as it works in some circumstances
(i.e. 2.2.17+ALSA and mp3blaster). I am using Debian unstable here. The ALSA
Version I used was 0.5.8b. There were no information about this in any
logfiles. I would be glad to help you, to debug this further.


I got the parameters from the following:

roland@minnesota:~% head -n 6 /proc/isapnp
Card 1 'YMH0800:YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Audio System' PnP version 1.0
Logical device 0 'YMH0021:Unknown'
Device is active
Active port 0x220,0x530,0x388,0x330,0x370
Active IRQ 11 [0x2]
Active DMA 0,3

Roland Bauerschmidt <[email protected]>