1998-09-11 22:21:31

by jamal

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Subject: Re: my broken TCP is faster on broken networks

Theodore Y. Ts'o ([email protected]) Fri, 11 Sep 1998 18:36:43 -0400

>I don't normally follow the TCP implementor's working group (*), so I
>don't know if they actually followed through on his suggestion;
>Matthais's note seems to indicate that they did.

I think it is just considered good practise to punish misbehaving users
at the moment. Not sure if any vendor has implemented anything yet.

There is an informational RFC out:

Unfortunately, they dont mention remedies for misbehaving flows. They do
suggest RED; however, there are variants of RED that exist with specific
intention of punishing misbehaving users.

A really interesting pointer page is at: