2000-11-21 09:23:37

by Xavier Bestel

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Subject: BUG: 2.2.17 and APM


it seems that since I have 2.2.17, APM events aren't processed as they
should: sometimes my laptop just halts instead of sleeping/hibernating.
This often (but not always) occurs when:
* I push the on/off button (which should only go to standby)
* The battery is low
* The timeout for entering standby when on battery power happens
* The timeout for entering hibernate when in standby mode happens
* I hit Fn-on/off (which should go to hibernate)
It never happened when I was using 2.2.16
It never happens when I type "apm -s" or "apm -S" (which do exactely the
I didn't change BIOS settings since 2.2.16

I have a Compaq Armada 1700 with BIOS dated 06/04/99

That's quite annoying. Anyone has this sort of problem ?


PS: of course, no oops or serious bug report ...

2000-11-22 11:58:23

by Xavier Bestel

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Subject: Re: BUG: 2.2.17 and APM

> When you say "halt", do you mean "shutdown -h now" or do you mean that
> the computer just powers off?
> I have a VAIO and suspend works fine (hibernate isn't supported). I'd
> be interested in seeing your /etc/sysconfig/apm*.

Just "off", i.e. as soon as it should start entering standby or hibernation,
it powers off directly, leaving the system in a bad, bad state :o(

I stress that it (seemed it) worked fine with 2.2.16, and that I didn't
change my config scripts (/etc/sysconfig/apm*) until then. But with
2.2.17, I have random power-off instead of clean standby/hibernate.