2000-11-21 16:28:09

by Ivan Kokshaysky

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Subject: PCI-PCI bridges patch update

Some not critical changes, and a bit more testing was done
(on ux164 - including card with an extra bridge, thanks to Michal).

Changes from bridges-2.4.0t11-rth:
- Disable devices before changing BARs
- Handle bridges not supporting IO forwarding
- Handle bridges with their own IO ports and/or memory
- Set cache line and default latency for all devices
- Updated comment for empty IO/memory ranges case

Diffs against bridges-2.4.0t11-rth and pristine 2.4.0-test11 attached.


(No filename) (490.00 B)
bridges-for-RTH1 (7.21 kB)
diff vs bridges-2.4.0t11-rth
bridges-2.4.0t11.gz (7.74 kB)
diff vs 2.4.0-test11
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