2000-11-22 00:31:33

by Jeff Merkey

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Subject: Oops in 2.2.18-22 with non-existent TCPIP route


I have an Oops with 2.2.18-22 that only shows up on a Linux server
that's configured as a pppd dial in server with dynamic address
assignment (no DHCP). Host IP addresses are configured in an
options.ttyS0( and options.ttyS1( files in

We caused the Oops by accident when we misconfigured our Cisco CPA 2501
router with a static route for network (mask that pointed to this server (the server had no routes
to this network but used to). We were moving some servers around to
segregate the law firm onto a private network.

I was not running ksymoops but have it setup now and we are attempting
to recreate the conditions that produced the oops. The Oops reported is
crashed in process slocate (clearly misleading -- looks like an Oops
from an interrupt). We will attempt to get the Oops again.