2000-10-26 23:07:29

by Byeong-ryeol Kim

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Subject: Re: QLOGIC Fibre Channel init

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Klaus Naumann wrote:

> Byeong-ryeol Kim wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Klaus Naumann wrote:
> >
> > > I was having some little trouble with the QLOGIC Fibre Channel SCSI
> > > cards.
> > > The issue is, that I have a box with an internal SCSI controller/disk
> > > and a QLOGIC card which is connected to an external RAID. The probelm
> > > is, that the internal disk is my root disk but is the second in the
> > > chain (sdb) after bootup. This gives a lot of problems, because it's
> > > impossible to get the system to boot (LILO isn't working).
> > > Since I've modified the hosts.c it's working perfectly (at least the
> > > order is better now). Patch is attached.
> > > Can anyone give a comment on that please ?
> > ....
> >
> > Hello,
> > Your patch would be good, but there is another simple method.
> > Did you happen to make the BIOS of Qlogic FC adapter enable to
> > boot the machine?
> > If so, while POST, timely hit 'Ctrl + Q', and disable boot
> > ability in BIOS setting of it.
> No, I have the bios of the controller disabled.
> The problem with that is that on boot up (for lilo) the internal disk
> is disk number one. But when I'm in the system and want to install lilo
> it's disk number two - that's what lilo is complaining about on boot up.
> (By spewing out an L and a 01 01 01 01 and so on).
> Activating the bios of the QLOGIC (to make the internal disk appear
> to be the 2nd one on bootup) didn't solve the problem too - I simply
> got a message saying I should insert a system disk ;)

Aha, I forgot to describe about making qlogic drivers as a module.
While I had been setting and testing SAN switch(Brocade, Gadzoox),
RAID with Qlogic 2100(or 2200A), I had the same experience that you
described in the previous mail, and solved the problem by patching
drivers/scsi/hosts.c as you did. It was a good solution.
But, I became aware of the convenience and flexibility of modular
drivers(or initrd) in this case.
Because, I thought, whenever I do the same test or benchmarking,
rebooting the system each is terrible.
In that method, I experienced no problem such that you described
in the previous E-mail.

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