2000-10-27 00:51:42

by Jeff Merkey

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Subject: Re: PATCH: killing read_ahead[]

"Jeff V. Merkey" wrote:
> Martin,
> A lot of changes. Have you tested this adequately? Changes of this
> magnitude this late in the 2.4 cycle could break a lot of stuff. I'll
> apply your patch, and let you know.
> :-)
> Jeff


1. Adaptec SCSI driver on a 4 x P6 POCA blows up with timeout errors
then hard hangs machine.
2. DVD-RAM drive gets scsi timeout errors on AMD K6 System.
3. Cannot see the MASHITA RW-CDROM with ide-scsi loaded with patch.
4. 2.4.0 hard locks on dual processor PIII 400Mhz during kernel boot.


Well, I tried the patch. Looks like some SMP issues of some kind.