2000-11-23 00:19:20

by Michael Zieger

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Subject: Wrong/old text in Documentation/cpqarray.txt

The documentation for this driver seems to be old in v2.4.0-test11-pre5:

You need to build a new kernel to use this device, even if you want to
use a loadable module.

Apply the patch to a 2.2.x kernel:

# cd linux
# patch -p1 <smart2.patch

Later, there is a section:
You'll need to use a modified lilo if you want to boot from a disk
Its simply a version of lilo with some code added to tell it how to
understand Compaq diskarray devices.

Is this information still correct? Can't I boot from a Compaq disk
array with a recent lilo (V 21 from SuSE 7.0)? I would need that
feature soon and wonder where to get such a special lilo from.

Thanks in advance, and answers please per private mail, as I am not
subscribed to this list.