2000-11-24 03:23:57

by Adam J. Richter

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Subject: imsttfb.c PCI ID's?

In writing a pci_device_id table for
linux-2.4.0-test11/drivers/video/imsttfb.c, I see that that driver
theoretically attepts to bind to any PCI video display with
a vendor ID set to PCI_VENDOR_ID_IMS, although the code does
mention device ID's 0x9128 and 0x9135. Does anybody know if
there are other device ID's besides 0x9128 and 0x9135 that
imsttfb.c is interested in, or is it OK to write the
pci_device_id table to just specify those two rather than all
PCI video cards made by IMS?

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