2000-11-25 08:00:39

by David Ford

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Subject: Re: CS4630

Charles Peterman wrote:

> Thanks, I had to putz with the gain to get sound out of it without
> turning my amp to 11, but yes it works. Do you know if anyone is
> putting in the effort to make the six channel useful?
> Thanks again,

Dunno about that, I use gmix for my mixer and it sounds fine, I did note that you
can't use non-powered speakers with it, the sound is awfully low. If you use
powered speakers or pipe it out to an amp, it is perfect sounding. That is the
only hardware issue I have.

There is also an issue with the line in, the line in level is zero unless PCM
sound is being played. So you need to play mp3s but mute PCM in order to listen
to other inputs.


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