2000-10-27 10:46:47

by Steven Brown

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Subject: /proc/(pid)/mem status and future, or alternatives?

Hi, I had noticed that the mmapping facilities of /proc/(pid)/mem have been
removed in recent devel kernels as well as in the 2.4 test series. I assume
that since it is missing in the test series, that it is to be missing in
2.4.0 final as well. I poked around on the list archives and found mention
of its demise, but couldn't find any indication as to if it was a permanent
removal or if it was just temporary while issues were sorted out, or to
alternatives to use for the same functionality. Is there another way to get
access to another process's memory space in bulk? I need to do a full search
on an arbitrary process's memory space. I've been using
ptrace(PTRACE_PEEKDATA, ..) in the absense of the ability to mmap the
process's memory but doing so takes a few million system calls per search
which is prohibitively expensive.