2000-11-26 21:33:36

by root

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Subject: Oops on 2.2.18-21(23) with pppd dial-in

I had backreved this system to 2.2.18-21 but I can reproduce this Oops on
both 2.2.18-21 and 2.2.18-23. I am providing the Oops information from
kernel 2.2.18-21 since this is what was running on the system at the time
the pppd dial in server crashed.

The server crashes after several dial clients who are routing both
IPX and IP attach and disconnect several times, then you attempt
to telnet or ssh into the box over the ethernet link. The oops
is actually occurring when a telnet session is attempted after
someone disconnects from a pppd session.

This Oops was created against the System.map file for a 2.2.18-21
build. This bug takes about two days to reproduce, and also
requires that the local gateway system be misconfigured to point
a non-existent network route to the target machine. It's very
difficult to reproduce, but is very annoying.


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