2000-11-28 08:16:22

by Andreas Tobler

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Subject: proc_fs Howto for 2.2.X?


Is there a paper around which describes the use of the proc_fs in the
actual 2.2.17 and up kernels? All I have is the Rubini book which is a
bit aged regarding the proc_fs, and this guide:
http://www.ibiblio.org/mdw/LDP/lkmpg/mpg.html. Also a bit dated.

Exactly what I'm looking for is an explanation whether I should use
proc_register/unregister or create_proc_entry/remove_proc_entry.
I know source is the best teacher, but having a look into 2.2.17 I find
tons of proc_register/unregister references.
To solve my problem I had to use create_proc_entry / remove_proc_entry.
Now I'm not sure if this is the right approach for 2.2.17 and up?

If this was discussed already, sorry, a link to the discussion would be

Thanks for any hint, pointer....