2000-11-30 00:55:29

by Nicholas Dronen

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Subject: [PATCH] Documentation/sysrq.txt: How to scroll back on console.


This might be useful to add to Documentation/sysrq.txt.



--- sysrq.txt.orig Wed Nov 29 17:13:18 2000
+++ sysrq.txt Wed Nov 29 17:23:33 2000
@@ -21,7 +21,10 @@
On x86 - You press the key combo 'ALT-SysRQ-<command key>'. Note - Some
(older?) may not have a key labeled 'SysRQ'. The 'SysRQ' key is
- also known as the 'Print Screen' key.
+ also known as the 'Print Screen' key. To scroll back (as
+ you often need to do to view all of the output of some
+ SysRQ commands), simply press shift-pageup. (I only know
+ this to work on x86. It might work elsewhere as well.)

On SPARC - You press 'ALT-STOP-<command key>', I believe.