2000-11-30 05:12:52

by Android

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Subject: Questions about Kernel 2.4.0.*

1) There is a link in /lib/modules/ build->/usr/src/linuxcreated by the Makefile (make modules_install). What for?

2) (Answered)

3) (Answered)

4) Some of the device special files are missing when using devfs.
devfsd is running (loaded at the beginning of rc.S by init).
There was no /dev/lp0 on my system, even though module lp was loaded.
After creating this file explicitly with mknod, the printer worked.

5) This problem is probably the fault of X11 - it doesn't repaint the screen properly
after coming out of console mode. I have to switch back and forth several times
before I get a proper repaint. May be related to using framebuffer with X.
X crashes and locks completely when using sound. Anyone know why?

6) When going through the bash command history (using the arrow keys)
while in framebuffer mode, there will be a pause for about 3 seconds - during this time,
the system is totally frozen until this pause has expired. Any ideas on this?
I know this is a problem with bash - this problem doesn't occur when using tcsh.

7) How does one disable the display of the penguin logo when booting in framebuffer
mode so that all video lines are available for text? I know this can be removed with setfont
and possible fbset, but I would prefer the video display be "normal" from the start. Thanks.

-- Ted

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