2000-11-30 09:25:44

by Borislav Deianov

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Subject: [2.4.0-test12-pre3] SCSI Oops


This is on a Dell PowerEdge 6300. It has two Adaptec AIC-7890, one
Adaptec AIC-7860, and an AMI MegaRAID controller. There's nothing on
the 7890s, a CDROM and a tape drive on the 7890.

With all of the above enabled the kernel boots with no problems.
However, if I disable the two 7890s from the BIOS (to save 30 seconds
of boot time), I get an oops.

I'm attaching the decoded oops, the boot log from a successful boot
and my .config. Let me know if any other info is needed.

Many thanks,

(No filename) (506.00 B)
scsi.oops.decoded (3.63 kB)
dmesg (14.89 kB)
wispa4-2.4.0-test12 (11.96 kB)
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