2000-11-30 10:13:51

by uaca

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Subject: innofensive BUG and fix: area->map's size is not calculated ok

In a 2.4 kernel, mm/page_alloc.c:free_area_init_core(), in the following

bitmap_size = size >> i;

...makes bitmap_size be the double of the needed size, this calculum
assumes that with a 512 byte map size the kernel is mapping 8*512= 4096 chunks
of memory, that is: one bit of the map is used for each chunk of memory,
and that's not true.

Really one bit of area->map is used to map two chunks of memory, so in the
example above an area->map of just 256 bytes is really needed, the other 256
bytes are _never accessed_.

So the righ thing would be to do is:

bitmap_size = size >> (i+1);

also I tested it and it works ok, so I believe I'm right...

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